Addons are external bits of programming that can enhance your game play. They are created by other players and are therefore not supported by ZoS and are used at your own risk (see the ZoS policy on addons). However, there is a very active community within ESO that create addons for all of us to use (see ESOUI for more information).

To add an addon to your game, just download the addon file which is usually in a zip file, so it will need to be extracted. Then place the unzipped folder into


Below are PvP addons that will help players with PvP areas such as Cyrodiil, Imperial City and Battlegrounds. Please note that not addons include their libraries and must be downloaded as well.


Setup an AP goal, monitor your AP per hour, and find out about your farming habits. Great for motivated AP farmers.


Visualise your current PVP rank in the Alliance War panel. Hover over each rank to see how much AP is required.


Place a custom crown on the leader.


A panel which tracks areas under siege.


An arrow around your reticle, which will point you to the group leader. Plays a sound if you move out of the leader’s support range.


A super tool for managing a group.
Notable features such as auto-invite, player death recap, and much more.


Places a beam on top of every party member. Spot your leader, dealers, healers, & tanks from a great distance.


Cheese your way around crowd control.


Organise your PVP raid to the fullest extent by calling out their ultimate’s, and time that conclusive attack on your foes.


Perhaps you would like to whisper the enemy in front of you with a single press of a button to congratulate them..