Provisioning writs

Making a green-quality food that increases either max health, stamina, or magicka Making a green-quality drink (alcohol, a tonic, or a tea)

provisioning mats (always some white-quality ones, but sometimes you will receive frost mirriam or bervez juice) a recipe (green through purple quality) possibility a fragment of the Psijic Ambrosia recipe (requires 7 fragments in total) or a provisioning master writ

Maximizing Master Writ drops:
maximize your skill to 50, have skill Recipe Quality at 4/4 and Recipe Improvement at 6/6, know as many food, drink and cooking furniture recipes as you can. Tips: If you put skills in Chef and Brewer, you get more servings per crafting (saving you materials) Need to be made by the character doing the quest. Bought, traded or reward food and drink don't count Daily Provisioning Addon ( will save you time doing these.