Raidsetup for Maw of Lorkhaj:

2 tanks
2 healers
8 dd’s


Explination - Adds


The First Boss - Zhaj’hassa

During this boss fight it’s important that the damage dealers don’t stack on top of each other, positioning is key here. To have players unassigned positions during this boss fight is doable, but will no doubt result in chaos and might cause wipes on veteran mode. Every player should be assigned his positions and remember them.

Sar’m’arthas Panthers:

These panters will spawn during the boss fight, and deals a lot of damage. They are untauntable, but can be chained, rooted and stunned. As such, the off-tank should chain them in. As soon as the panthers spawn, damage dealers should be focusing them down. An alternative to focusing them down, is to pull them close to the boss and try to keep them there to die to aoe damage.

Void Pillars:

Void pillars is a mechanics that can wipe the group if the players aren’t quick enough on their feet to position themselves behind a pillar. When Zhaj’hassa glows with a blue aura, you know it’s time to hide behind one of the many spawned pillars. When standing behind a pillar, you should still face and deal as much damage to the Zhaj’hassa as possible.

You will have two rounds with five pillars initially, after that two rounds of four pillars until eventually you run out of pillars to hide behind, therefore in a way - it’s a dps race.

These pillars don’t spawn randomly, but on the person furthest away from the boss. As such you can choose where these will spawn. For people who are not doing score runs, this mechanic really doesn’t effect you all that much.

Start off by stacking in the middle, when the first pillar drops, the group should spread out and prepare for the curse mechanic.

This is an illustration of the players should position themselves after spreading out if they are    stamina heavy.

This is an illustration of the players should position themselves after spreading out if they are stamina heavy.

This is an illustration of the players should position themselves after spreading out if the team has an    even distribution    between magicka and stamina.

This is an illustration of the players should position themselves after spreading out if the team has an even distribution between magicka and stamina.

The curse mechanic:

After the round with Void Pillars, Zhaj’hassa will curse tree players who get a red aoe underneath them. These players then have to run to a cleansing platform to rid themself of the curse. If you fail to do so, you will get your movement reduced and eventually get stunned and die.

During this phase, it’s very important that everyone are in their positions. If the group is stacked or players are overlapping each other, other players will get infected by the curse too. As a general rule therefore, if you’ve been infected by the curse, don’t move until your screen turns blue, at which point you can go to one of the cleansing platforms.

After using a cleansing platform, they will have a cooldown of 25 seconds before they light up again. After being affected by the curse, you have approxomatly 30 seconds before you will die.

Because of the cooldown of platforms and the importance of keeping the tanks and healers alive, certain platforms should be reserved for them only. Though healers platforms can be used, the tank’s platforms should NEVER be used by anyone else but the tanks. If you want to use one of the healers cleansing platforms, be sure that the healer on your side doesn’t have the curse. If a dd has the curse and there are no available platforms to cleanse, he or she should keep dealing dps and die close to the group.

Shield phase:

During this mechanic, Zhaj’hassa will gain a shield to protect him from damage. A red aoe will appear underneath the players that will deal pulsating damage that is very lethal if not reciving heals through it. As such, it’s important that the players position themselves in a way where their aoe’s dont overlap to avoid splash damage (see picture illustrations above). The damage dealt from the shield phase is also progressive, and will increase with each blast - as such, also this mechanic is a dps race.

The first shield will appear at 70 % of Zhaj’hassa’s HP and the shield itself have 1,9 million HP. The second shield phase will occur at 30 % and have 2,8 million HP. It’s important that the damage dealers, though they can activate a shield on themselves as a procation, keep dealing as much damage to the boss as possible to break the shield.


The Second Boss, The Twins - Vashai and Skinrai

For the sake of everyones sanity, I will refer the bosses as “the light boss” and “the dark boss” as that’s the most commonly used termonology. This boss requires some very good coordination, every player need to know the mechanics, espeically on veteran mode, in order to get through the boss fight.

Holy and shadow aspects

The most important key mechanics and mechanic to look out for is attached around your head - the colour. Six players will recieve the holy (light) aspect and the other six the shadow (dark) aspect. Players with the holy aspect will in turn only attack the dark boss, players with the shadow aspect will only attack the light boss. If someone attacks the boss with the same colour as you are, the damage will be next to none-existant, this also applies to adds. It is also very important that players with opposite aspects do not run in to each other. While on normal mode you may be able to survive a blast or two, on veteran the blast will instantly kill the colliding players.

Initially, you can decide what colour the two split groups will recieve, therefore the groups should not be in a straight line upon pulling the bosses, but rather stand a little closer to the boss who’s aspect that group want. If the players of each group are stacked on the tank, they will recieve the correct colour.

The tanks will pull the boss with the aspect that the group wants, once they’ve recieved their colours, the tanks will then taunt the opposite boss and make a boss switch.

The colour change MECHANIC

Illustration of how the colour swap mechanic should be done, always rotate clockwise.

Illustration of how the colour swap mechanic should be done, always rotate clockwise.

The colour change mechanic will appear at the beginning of the fight and after every Prayer phase. Three random players, excluding the tanks, will recieve a change in their aspects. You can tell when the mechanic is about to happen as the bosses leans forward and put their hand into the air. To see who is affected by this mechanic, you can either look at the aura around your head or at your feet. Raid notifier will also alert you, but I wouldn’t rely blindly on addon’s.

These three players who recieved the opposite aspect have to run to the other boss in a clockwise rotation in order to avoid coallision. If the players run into each other, they will explode and die which can be very dangerous in this boss fight. Note that although you’ve recieved a new aspect, you still have some time to react and run to the other group. If you choose to say in your group, you will blow people up.

During this fight, dying should be kept to a minimum. Would some people have ran in to each other or died during the Prayer phase, it’s important to check what colour aspect they have. If you have the opposite colours, make sure that the resureccted person don’t get up instantly, but waits until nobody with the wrong aspect is close.

In the instance where a healer recieves the colour swap, but only one, that healer then has to call out that he or she recieved colour change and must cross heal the group he left from the opposite side and try to not get too close to the group to blow them up.

Rage of the twins

During the boss fight, both bosses will spawn add waves. Each twin has their own mechanics, as explained above. These adds will spawn 10 seconds after every Prayer phase and the amount of adds spawning will increase the longer the fight goes on.

The Light boss, Skinrai, will cast an ability called Lunar Flare on top of four random players in his field of view. This ability needs to be purged by the healers (Efficient Purge). If the group is new to the trial, it’s also benefitial to have one or both of the tanks running purge would a healer die or a healer have to cross heal and the group is too far away for the purge to be applied. For more experienced groups, tank’s shouldn't have to run with purge, though it’s still nice to have.

The second mechanics is a channeled beam, Lunar Destruction, that will target and immobilize a player. This needs to be interrupted/bashed immediately as the damage will increase the longer the player gets beamed.

The Dark boss, Vashai, will drop a negate on top of the group that will deal damage and, of course, disable the use of abilities. This can easily be avoided as the negate always will target the player the furthest away in his field of view. The tanks have to position the boss facing the wall and once the negate has been droped, reposition so they’re not standing inside of it.

The dark boss will also spawn a set of adds which will send out three orbs into the room. The further these orbs travel, the more damage they will deal. If you see one of these orbs heading your way and you’re far away from the add, try to sidestep to avoid taking a massive amount of damage which could potentially kill you.

The adds that appear on the bosses should be chained in by the tank with chains or silver leash, so they can be focused down and die quickly either to aoe or direct attacks depending on group dps. For some tanks, chaining in the dark adds is difficult because of the risk of a negate dropping in a bad spot or the adds may be out of reach, in that instance it’s nice to have dd’s with a free spot to equip Silver leash and help the tank out.

Prayer PHASE

If you have the Holy aspect and the Light boss lands on your side, everyone in that group needs to run to the opposite side before the explosion happens. Here’s a quick illustration.

If you have the Holy aspect and the Light boss lands on your side, everyone in that group needs to run to the opposite side before the explosion happens. Here’s a quick illustration.

During the Prayer phase both bosses will teleport. It’s random where the bosses will land, therefore the group needs to look at their aspect and on the boss that landed on their side. If you have the holy aspect and the light boss lands on your side - you will need to rotate in a clockwise rotation to the other side of the room where you’ll find the dark boss (see illustration). After some time the room will explode, if the players are on the wrong side of the room with their aspects, they will get one shot. After this explosion, everyone will temporarily lose their colours - during this phase, if you’re a healer that ended up with a colour swap and your side now has two healers, be sure to tell a dd (by number preferably) to swap with you so the groups even out if you have a more experienced group. In less experienced groups I’d recommend them to keep cross healing and hope that one healer gets the colour change mechanic.

At times however, you’ll be in luck and the opposite boss from your aspect will land on your side. If that happens, just keep dealing damage to the boss.

After the explosion when auras were wiped clean, you will start over and gain the aura of the boss you’re the closest to. The tanks then have taunt then opposite aspect boss to make sure that they’re on the correct sides. Be wary if you have dead players laying on your side - they will also recieve an aspect. If one side has more players than the other, some of those players will recieve the wrong aspect and cause a threath to the group they’re currently standing with.

Simultaneous demise

Once one of the bosses have been killed, all players lose their aspects. It’s important to know when to and not to kill one of the lower hp bosses. If one of the bosses is dead and Prayer Phase happens, it will wipe the group. Therefore it’s important to keep track of how much HP the other boss has, and how long you have until the next Prayer phase. If you’re unsure how long is left, I’d suggest you stop damage on the boss about to die, and wait untill Prayer phase happens and nuke them after that. If the group has really high dps, nuking is an option even if Prayer phase is coming up, but may be a more risky move.


The Final Boss - Rakkhat

Once you get past the twins, the most difficult boss in the trial, Rakkhat should be a piece of cake. There are a few mechanics to boss that everyone needs to be aware off, you will also need a set of two runners if the dps in the group isn’t high enough to allow you to third platform nuke the boss. For normal mode, this is a lot easier, for veteran mode the group dps need to be very high to pull it off.

Backyard area

NEW vMoL Final Boss Backyard area TIF with zones.jpg

When six shadows appear on the middle platform, it’s time to send out the two runners. It is possible to do the backyard with three runners, but this will compromise the dps on the final boss and may result in you to have to do the Lunar Phase mechanic. These two runners will be assigned left (red) or right (blue) side.

The runners will have to run and press x on platforms in the backyard area to expose six Dro’m-Athra Shadows. Two of them will spawn on the bottom side, two in the middle and two on the top side of the map. Look at the illustration to see what platforms falls under which side. A person (usually the raid leader) can keep track of which shadows are still up and when one side is cleared, that way the runners dont have to waste time exposing the remaining ones on the side they’re currently working on clearing. There is a time limit for how long you can hunt these Dro’m-athra Shadows in the backyard area.

It’s good if the runners do not kill the dancing adds, as the players in the main room will then recieve damage spitting out from the middle platform.

Once you’ve entered the backyard area and get back to the boss room, you will have a debuff on you. The four pads in the boss room won’t respawn until after Lunar Phase, unlike the ones by the first boss. Therefore, it’s important that if the team doesn’t have high dps output, to combine cleansing with dying (one runner will run onto the edge of a cursed platform and die, get ressurected and then the second one will do the same). This will also get rid of the debuff.

Note that if a player has accidentally stepped on a “dark” platform and gotten the debuff, they cannot enter the backyard area without dying. The runner need to cleanse himself if he accidentally gets it.

The hulk

This add will spawn three times before Lunar Phase happens. It’s the Off-tanks job to taunt him upon spawning and place him close to Rakkhat. The hulk will place a debuff, Shattered Armor, on his target. The tanks can survive up to two debuffs, upon the third one the tank will die, therefore after the Off-tank has recieved the second debuff, the main tank then instead have to taunt the hulk and the Off-tank take Rakkhat. After the main tank has been inflicted with the debuff the Off-tank can then safely take The Hulk back.

The Hulk also “screams” randomly. This mechanic needs to be interrupted by the tank or it will stun everyone in the group.


During the Rakkhat fight there are different types of orbs that will appear.

Void Combustion - Will target a randomly selected player under their feet. This player need to move away from the group, facing the wall or an outstanding pillar from the wall, explode and break free before rejoining the group. When the explosion happens, small orbs will shoot out from underneath you and kill players if they are too close. This mechanic will stop after Rakkhat has jumped to fifth platform.

Stalker Orbs - These orbs start at the fifth pad. An orb will appear and target 1-2 players randomly, these players then have to move away from the group. If the orb gets too close to you or the group it will deal large amounts of damage. This mechanic stops once Rakkhat has jumped to the seventh platform.

AoE orbs - At the seventh pad, a red AoE will spawn on the ground and an orb will appear after a second. If anyone gets caught inside of the red aoe, they will take damage. It’s important that the group stays stacked on each side of the boss when an orb spawns and moves around to avoid placing AoE orbs everywhere.


If the group damage isn’t high enough to kill Rakkhat prior to slamming down onto pad eight, he will rise up into the air and all platforms will turn into gold, the Lunar Bastion buss. This also goes of couse for those achievement hunters out there, though you may need to slow down damage severly to get to this stage.

The tanks and healers should stand in the middle platform, which can hold up to four people. All dd’s should instead get to one platform each. On every one of these outer pannels (1-8) a Banner Enemy will spawn. The players on the middle platform should use a synnergy to beam this add.

Ideally, if you know you run the risk of ending up in Lunar Phase, you should decide what dd takes what platform and keep in mind which ones are ranged dd’s and melee’s. You should also decide what platforms to beam first, as the beam makes the adds take extra damage.

T he focus as an illustration on the adds that spawn on the platforms. Start with 1 & 5, 2 & 6 and so on…

The focus as an illustration on the adds that spawn on the platforms. Start with 1 & 5, 2 & 6 and so on…

Ideally you can start focusing pad number 1 and 5. The group in the middle then only beams the adds on those platforms. You then switch focus to platform 2 and 6, 3 and 7 and finally 4 and 8. The damage dealers on pads 1-3 and 8 will work together, the dd’s on 4-7 will also work together to kill the beamed add on ‘their side’.

Illustration of how to beam.

Illustration of how to beam.

One tank and one healer will use the beam and take turns. Tank 1 will beam platform 1 and healer 1 platform 5. Tank 2 and Healer 2 will then get into position and to beam platform 2 and 6 as soon as the adds on platform 1 and 5 are dead. One healer will always be out of a job, and can then make sure to spam breath of life or another healing ability.

If your group doesn’t manage to kill the adds, you will wipe. If not, the pads will stop glowing. You will then proceed to do the trial as you would upon entering it until the next lunar phase happens or boss dies.


When Rakkhat’s HP reaches 11 % he will go onto the middle pad. During this phase there is a mechanic that makes Rakkhat take less damage, an orb that spawns on each platform which is connected to Rakkhat. You can either assign a dd to run to the platform (but not get on top of it!) and collect the orb, or assign tanks and healers to do so for more burst damage. After around 5-10 seconds another orb will appear on platform 2 and the same thing has to be done on the other platforms. If the orb doesn’t get collected, the group will wipe.

The Void Combustion, Stalker and AoE orbs will also all be present during execute phase. If the group has high dps, this normally doesn’t pose a big threath. If however the group struggles to kill Rakkhat in execute phase, this mechanic can get overwhelming.

The group should be able to burst through and kill Rakkhat without having to pay too much attention to mechanics. However, if the dps is very low, I’d suggest you take a look at Alcast guide for additional information.


You activate Hardmode by pressing the Meditate by the two alters located in the room with the loot right before accessing the main boss room. Everything will of course, hurt much more than on regular veteran mode as well as the HP of the adds and boss will increase. Rakkhat will now instead have 80,7 million HP vs. the 64,6 on none-HM.

Backyard area - No additional mechanic are added, but you can no longer cleanse yourself after returning from the backyard. This means you need to send two different people out, or they will need to die and get ressurected by each other.

If you decide to not die to get rid of the debuff, you will also recieve a healing debuff so be careful where you strand! The debuff can infect other players, so don’t stack with the group.

Assasins - When you kill two of the six adds in the backyard, an assassin will spawn. This assassin has a Tornado attack which will knock players within its range back. The Off-tank has to take this add close to Rakkhat so they die in the group AoE damage.

Best of luck!