Do I have to be a guild member to join the Discord?

No, everyone is welcome to join the discord server. If you're not in any of our guilds you’re more than welcome to stay and be part of our Discord community as our guest.
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Can I invite my friends, family or others to guild?

Yes! Please do, as long as they adhere to our playing rules.

To invite someone press G, go to Roster tab (top right), press E to invite the person, then type in @theiraccountname. They do not have to be online at the time, as they'll get a notice in the game mail and can join at any time.

Do I have to participate in guild activities?

No. We will encourage you to do so, as we are social guilds, however we understand that not everything is for everyone. Any guild activities are at your choice. If you choose not to participate, that's absolutely fine but we hope you join us for some things that may interest you.