“The aerie of the Altmer, the city of Cloudrest clings to the highest slopes of the peak of Eton Nir, tallest mountain of Summerset.”

Note for Leaders:
Yellow italic text is for leaders.
Red italic text is for veteran trials only.

LOCATED IN the Middle of summerset

Group Set-up:

1 tank
1 offtank
2 healers
8 DD

1 tank
1 offtank
2 healers
8 DD

Assign a portal group made up of the offtank, 2-3 DD depending on DPS. The offtank can stay above for all but the final boss. Healers stay above. Also assign one spear runner above - wardens are great for this. Do this in advance to save time.

Mobs kill order:

  1. Tentacles -  looks like a big tentacle coming up from the ground. They heal, snare or silence. Stop DD on all mobs to get those and get those 1st always. If snared, break free doesn’t work - must roll dodge out!

  2. Orbs - final boss only. Purple-bluish orbs are slowly moving across toward the boss, but must be killed fast because they stun - ranged DD should be on those everytime they spawn.

  3. Monstrosities - looks like a big spider crab - does aoe, poison and melee

  4. Other yaghra adds - different damage abilities but don’t have much health. Should AoE them down.



Keep in mind that Cloudrest can be played so that all the bosses are fought together or in parts. Such as CR+1, CR+2 and CR+3. Where the number represents how many bosses will be fought as a group with the last boss. Be sure to check with trial leader to see which one this will be. These directions below are for CR+0.

Group runs across the bridge and heads left to the stairs before the welkynar and grooup of yaghra - Galenwe. Group needs to stop at the top of the stairs and wait for the rest of the group.


Portals group and spear runner:

  • During the fight with each boss, a portal will appear in the middle of the fighting area. When this appears, the portal group will enter the portal and be transported to a shadow world. In the final boss fight, the offtank must go into the portal first to tank the shadow boss.

  • When the DD go down into the shadow area, they will see 3 crystals. These must be destroyed as fast as possible. A malevolent core will drop on the ground once the crystal is destroyed. If it is picked up, it will do damage to whoever has it and can not be shielded, so portal group needs to have self heals and should wait until the spears are returned before picking them up.

  • Upstairs: Once a crystal is destroyed in the shadow realm, a glowing spear will appear upstairs and must be sent back down to the shadow world as soon as possible. The spear runner, or whoever is closest, must stand in spear area and press X to send them back down. They also need to call out in voice chat when they send a spear down so the portal group can then pick up and destroy the malevolent cores.

  • Downstairs: Once the spear is sent back down to the shadow world, the portal group needs to pick up and run the malevolent core to the spear circle to destroy it. They need to stand in the spear area and press X.

  • While this is going on, adds that can not be fought will slowly be working their way to the portal. If they get to the portal, they will go upstairs and attack the group up there. These adds, should be rooted to slow them down.

  • Once the final malevolent core is destroyed, the group will be returned upstairs.


1st Boss - Galenwe - Frost Damage

The first of 3 welkynars and their gryphon mounts. Tank and offtank can take one each to taunt, or tank can taunt both and the offtank can take the adds.

Boss Attacks:

  • Hoarfrost - When the gryphon gets on its hind legs, he will toss out the hoarfrost at a random player. Whoever has it, will glow white, will be slowed, have a DoT, and will also AoE others around them. Move away from the group when you have the hoarfrost. At 6 seconds press X when it appears (synergy) that will drop the hoarfrost - if you don’t, you’ll die - and then call out that you’ve dropped it. Someone close needs to pick it up, as while it’s on the ground it is doing damage to the group. They then hold it for the allotted 6 seconds and then drop it. Next closest person picks it up. Keep repeating until the bosses are dead. The Portal Group should never pick up the Hoarfrost, or go into the portal with it, as it will wipe the group.

  • Ice Explosion - Boss targets three players at the same time. A circle will gradually fill at their feet and must be blocked when the circle fills. Also the 3 players need to be sure not to stack near each other, or they will die.


2nd boss - siroria - Fire DAMAGE

The second of 3 welkynars and their gryphon mounts. Tank and offtank can take one each to taunt, or tank can taunt both and the offtank can take the adds.

Boss Attacks:

  • Fire Comet - When the gryphon gets on its hind legs, a comet lands on random player, that will kill that person unless the damage is shared by the group. The person will have a yellow circle under them. The group will need to pile into the yellow circle of wherever that person is, however if the group stays stacked as much as possible behind the gryphon’s tail, this should be avoided. If the Healer or Tank gets the Fire Comet circle, the group moves to them. Do not run to the group but just hold still until the group comes to you.

  • Fire Circles - Gryphon flies up and re-lands shooting out 3 AoE circles. Group members just need to move to avoid these by either dodge rolling or shift/running away. Two ticks from AoE will kill most, so block if you can’t get out in time.


3rd boss - relequen - Shock DAMAGE

The third of 3 welkynars and their gryphon mounts. Tank and offtank can take one each to taunt, or tank can taunt both and the offtank can take the adds.

Boss Attacks:

  • Overload - When the gryphon gets on its hind legs, 2 people will be targeted with overload and will get a warning that they have it. They MUST CHANGE TO THEIR OTHER SKILL BAR. If they don’t, they’ll do massive damage to the group and probably wipe the group. If you are targeted, you will begin to glow and stay glowing until the overload is over. The skill bar you switched from becomes unusable for 10 seconds during this. You can plan so that you’re on the back bar right when the gryphon goes up, just in case. DO NOT SWITCH BACK TO SOON or again you will probably wipe the group. Wait the 10 seconds and when you stop glowing, the overcharge is done.

  • Shock Beam - The welkynar boss will target random members who will take dmg and be stunned. This spell must be interrupted by the tank to prevent group members dying.


Final Boss - Z’maja

Z’Maja is a Sea Sload. She ports around the room to different locations, and the group must follow her. Move to behind her and stack on her tail. Tank must turn her away from the group to the outer walls of the room.

Changes for the Portal Group: The offtank must be the first person down the portal and will have to tank the shadow of Z’Maja. The shadow of Z’Maja will lay a nasty dot on the first person through the portal, so self heals are essential for the offtank. Offtank can call out once he is down and has taunted the shadow of Z’Maja. DD will find more crystals in the shadow realm including decoy crystals that do not have malevolent cores. DD must destroy crystals until they find all 3 malevolent cores. A giant aoe that will kill anyone who is in it starts in the middle and spreads out to the entire room. Portal Group members must run to the corners of the room and use the synergy (press x). This looks like a whirlwind with feathers and leaves blowing in it. This ports you up to safety for explosion of the AoE. Once it goes off, jump back down and continue destroying crystals. Don’t stay on the platform for long as it explodes as well. When portal group returns upstairs, offtank should taunt and tank monstrosities and other Yaghra adds.

Boss Attacks:

  • Nocturnal’s Favor - Both Z’Maja and Shadow of Z’Maja charge a huge ball of black light in front of her and then shoot it at someone, killing them. The tank and offtank will need to taunt her so this hits them and no others in the group.

  • Orbs - Blue orbs will move slowly toward group, stunning anyone they touch. Ranged DD must stop DD on boss and kill these quickly. When killed they do a dot that can be avoided with dodge roll but no one should be near hopefully with ranged killing them.

  • Laserbeam - Two players who are the furtherest out from Z’Maja are targeted with beams from her antennae on her head. This will normally be the Spear Runner and one other person who should move further out than the healers. The beams follow the person, so they should just kite this away from the group as it causes AoE damage. Self heals and shields are essential.

  • Teleporting Cones - When Z’Maja is at 60%, a cone emanates from the portal in both shadow and upstairs. It will auto send you to the other zone. To return to the correct realm, just stand near the portal.

  • Execute Phase - When Z’Maja dies, her shadow will appear upstairs. All DD switch to the shadow boss. Adds will continue to spawn, and DD need to stop DD on boss, and kill these adds before returning their DD to the boss. More Laserbeams will be cast and need to be kited. AGAIN, it’s important to stack on the tail for healing in this phase as there is a heal debuff that does massive dmg and must be healed through. Be kind to your healers and stay stacked as much as you can behind the tail. Use your ultimates and executes during this phase to DD the boss down. Once the shadow is killed, the boss is truly dead.

Boss will also do:
Shades - if a player dies a shadow figure appears on his body and then jumps around the room. This shade must be killed before the person is rezzed or the person trying to rez will die. The person's body has a black swirl on it if shade is still alive.
Please see Allcast for additional info on veteran tactics.